Korean Language and Literature Resources

Teacher Korean
American Association of Teachers of Korean.
Japanese loanwords into Korean (PDF)
The adaptation of Japanese loanwords into Korean - Chiyuki Ito Tokyo University of Foreign Studies - Yoonjung Kang - University of Toronto at Scarborough - Michael Kenstowicz - Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Korean Links
Language Study - Dictionaries & Translation Tools - Literature.
µ Korean Making (Scribd ebook)
Making Out in Korean.
Cyber Korean School
Declan's Korean Language Page Save Provides a short history of the language, as well as links to computer programs, ...
Language Exchange Korean
If you are looking for a language exchange partner to help you with Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, or any other language, or if you are looking for some short translation help, please post your message here.
Korean Slang
The Biggest Korean Slang Dictionary Biggest Online Korean Slang Dictionary.
Task-Based Language Teaching
Task-based language teaching: A demonstration module.
Korean Language Sites
Korean Language Learning Software - Basic Korean Phrases

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