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Korean-English Dictionary
Kabsik Park Bilingual Korean-English Dictionary - (Available in Korean only).
Korean - English Dictionary
Online bilingual Korean-English dictionary;.
Cambridge English-Korean Dictionary
The ideal dictionary for Korean learners of English.
Korean Animals Dictionary
Animals, Birds, Body, Parts, Clothing, Colors, Countries, Drinks, Fishes&Shellfishes, Food, Fruits, Insects, Korean, Food, Places and Vegetables.
Korean Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Free English - Korean Dictionary.
Korean-English Dictionary
Bilingual English Korean dictionary from NAVER for serious learners of Korean language - (Available in Korean only).
Korean Slang (Scribd ebook)
Dirty Korean: Everyday Slang from by Haewon Geebi Baek.
Korean–English Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Korean Alphabet. Consonants and their names.
Korean-English Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
Korean English Phonetic Dictionary Travel.
Gukeo Korean Dictionary
National Bureau of Standards language Dictionary of Etymology.
Standard Korean Dictionary
The dictionary compiled by the National Institute of the Korean Language.
Ectaco Online Korean-English Dictionary
English <-> Korean Online Dictionary - a Bilingual Dictionary from ECTACO.
Korean Glossary(in downloadable PDF format)
English-Korean Glossary — Social Security
Konglish (Korean) - English
Free Site for Learning Korean Language.
Korean Dictionary
Korean Multimedia Dictionary.
LingvoSoft Korean-English Online Dictionary
Korean <-> English Online Dictionary - a Bilingual Dictionary from LingvoSoft.
Korean Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
English Korean Dictionary.
Dictionary Search
English to Korean and Korean to English Online Dictionary.

Korean Kinship Terminology
By Ross King.
Online Translator: Korean-English
Online Translator: Korean-English - ko/en.
Korean Dictionaries
English - Korean - English Online Dictionary.
Korean Glossary (in downloadable PDF format)
English-Korean Glossary.
CJKV-English Dictionary
A Dictionary-Database of CJK Characters and Compounds Related to East Asian Cultural, Political, and Intellectual History.
English Korean Dictionary
Free online English Korean dictionary. LingvoSoft free online English dictionary.
POPjisyo.com - Dictionary Translation Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Kanji/Hanzi.
Daum English Korean Dictionary
English Korean dictionary from DAUM (Korean Interface).
English Korean Dictionary
English Korean dictionary from ZKorean.

Other Korean Dictionary Translation

Vertaal een woord Translation (Nederlands, Engels of Koreaans).

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