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Korean Alphabet, Han Gul
Koreans use their own unique alphabet called Han-gul. It is considered to be one of the most efficient alphabets in the world and has garnered unanimous praise from language experts for its scientific design and excellence.
Korean Alphabet
Chinese writing has been known in Korea for over 2,000 years.
Korean Alphabet (Hangeul)
Most English speakers think Korean has thousands of characters, like Chinese, but it actually has a very simple and logical alphabet, which you can learn in a few minutes.
Korean Alphabet (Hangul)
History of Hangul - Appearance ...
Korean Alphabet (Consonants) - Syllable-Final Consonants - Vowels
Alphabet by Westudykorean.com.
Korean Alphabet
Alphabet Korean designed by Hyo Sang Lee, Aenglan Kim.
Hangul (From Wikipedia)
Hangul is the native alphabet of the Korean language, as distinguished from the logographic Sino-Korean hanja system.
Hangul Conversion Tools
Hong's Hangul Conversion Tools.
Romanization of Korean
National Institute of Korean Language. Basic Principles of Romanization.
Korean characters
Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters in English Windows.

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