Kyrgyz Language and Literature Resources

Kyrgyz language (From Wikipedia)
Kyrgyz or Kirghiz is a Turkic language and, together with Russian, an official language of Kyrgyzstan.
Kyrgyz Alphabet (PDF)
Alphabet of Kyrgyz Language and Pronunciation.
Kyrgyz Phrasebook
The Talking Kyrgyz Phrasebook by Dr. Michael Denner, Stetson University.
learning Kirghiz
Kirghiz Language Competencies for Peace Corps Volunteers in Kirghizstan. This textbook is designed for use by Peace Corps volunteers learning Kirghiz in preparation for serving in Kirghizstan.
Kyrgyz Vowel Harmony (PDF Document)
Root Vowels and Affix Vowels: Hight Effects in Kyrgyz Vowel Harmony.
Kyrgyz language manuel (PDF)
The Manual language for Kyrgyz was designed for the specific language instruction needs for Peace Corps volunteers ...

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