Tajik Language and Information Resources

Tajik Persian Complex Predicates
Persian complex predicates are of particular interest because their semantics are often idiosyncratic and their structure ...
The Ethnonym: Origins and Application. ii. Tajik Persian.
Tajik Language
The Tajik language is unique among Central Asian languages because of its Indo-Iranian rather than Turkic origin.
Tajik Persian
Tajik Persian is the variety of New Persian used in Central Asia.
Tajik Language
The Tajik language is a modern variety of the Persian language spoken in Central Asia.
Tajik dialects
The dialects and colloquialisms that are used throughout Persian-speaking regions are diverse.
Comparative Phonetic
Comparative Phonetic Study of Frequently Used Words in Iranian Farsi versus Tajik Farsi Abdolazim Hakimi (Ph.D)
Tajik is the the variety of Persian spoken in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, ...
Persian, Dari and Tajik In Central Asia.
Tajik Conversation
Tajiki Conversational Dialogues.
Tajik language
Tajik is a modern variety of Persian spoken in Central Asia.
Kulabi dialect
Kulabi dialect, a distinct variant of Tajik spoking in Kulab and adjoining districts.
The Tajiks are an Iranian people, speaking a variety of Persian, concentrated in the Oxus Basin, ...

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