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Urdu Poetry Archive
Urdu Poetry Archive - Ghazals, nazms, Urdu poetry related articles, mailing lists, and more!
Urdu Language
Urdu Language Resources on the Web.
Urdu Language
Urdu is regarded to be the most poetic of all languages in India.
Urdu language and culture
The AIIS-Columbia Urdu Modules Project introduces 28 thematic modules of the Urdu language and culture. These colorful video clips are based on real life situations with varied linguistic, social and cultural contents.
Urdu is a register of the Hindustani language that is identified with South Asian Muslims.
Urdu Language
Urdu Language Resources on the Web.
Urdu Language
Urdu, the national language of Pakistan, was created around the 1600's in Central Asia.
Polyphony of Urdu in post-colonial North India
Modern Asian Studies, 2015 by Rizwan Ahmad.
Urdu History
Upon the conquest of the lands past the Indus, the Muslim armies gathered and prepared for their battles. .
The Urdu Language
Urdu is part of the Indo-Aryan group, which is a subgroup of Indo-Iranian Languages.

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