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Georgia National and Official Languages: Georgian.
Capital City: Tbilisi (official) and Kutaisi (legislative)


Media News (English) - Media News - Media News (Russian)
Politics, Economy, Society, Interview, Conflicts, Daily Photo, World, Jutice, Regions, Auto Review, Caucasus, Today's Calendar and Video Gallery.
Civil - Georgian - Russian
News, Politics, Elections, Archive, Defence, Photos and Economy.
GHN (English) - GHN (Georgian) - Russian
Georgia, News Agency - GHN, Tbilisi - News Agency.
Inter Press News (English) - Georgian - Russian
Politics, Economics, Region, Military Matters, Culture, Conflicts, Justice, Society, World, Sport, Announcements and The World at 7 Billion.
Sarke - Georgian - Russian - English
Sarke Information Agency: Tbilisi, Georgia.
1 TV - English
Channel, Radio, Eurovision and News.
Rustavi 2 - Georgian
Politics, Economy, Crime, Sport, Culture and Breaking News.
Radio Tavisupleba.
Civil Georgia (English) - Georgian - Russian
News, Politics, Defence, Photos, Economy, Interview, Elections and Archive.
Eurasia Net - Russian
Regional, News Georgia, Multimedia, Voices, Features and More.
GBC (English) - Georgian - Russian
Marco Economy, Business, Financial Markets and Foreign Countries.
Georgian Daily
Georgian Daily Forum.
Georgien Nachrichten
German Language Newspaper in Georgia.
Politics, Business, Social Media, World, Law, Society, Arts, Show, Fun and Religion.
Topix Local Georgia News.

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