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Uzbekistan National and Official Languages: Uzbek.
Capital City: Tashkent

Tashkent News

BBC Uzbekistan News.
MTRK (English) - MTRK (Russian) - MTRK (Uzbek)
News, TV Channels, Radio Channels, Regional Television and Radio.
Amerika Ovozi
News, TV, Radio and Multimedia.
Fergana - Fergana - Fergana
Ferghana Information agency, Moscow.
Independent News Agency Harakat.
Jahon Information Agency - Arabic - English - Russian
Politics, Economy, Society, Culture, Sports, Commentary and Archive.
UZ Report (English) - Region (Russian) - Region (Uzbek)
UZ Report Information Agency.
UZA (German) - UZA (English) - UZA (French) - ZA (Russian) - UZA (Spanish) - UZA (Uzbek)
Politics, Business, Society, Culture, Tech, Science and education, Tourism, Sport, Documents and Photo.
News, World, Sports, Science, Culture, Auto and Archive.
Anons (Russian) - Anons (Uzbek)
News, Weather, Politics, Economy, Culture, Sport, Society, Developments, IT, Technology, Articles and Advertising.
Eurasia Net
Regional, News Uzbekistan, Multimedia, Voices, Features and More.
Economy, Politics, Society, Technology, Culture, Sport, Photos, World and Blog.
New Eurasia - New Eurasia - New Eurasia
News, Blogs, Resources, History, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan News.
Novosti Uzbekistana (Russian)
News, Economy, Technology, Sports and More.
Uzbekistan News
Latest Uzbekistan News.
Uzbekistan Daily - English
General, Business, Finance, IT, Market, Culture, Sports and Brands.
UZ News - English - Uzbek
Politics, Foreign Affairs, Central Asia, Economy, Human Rights, Society, Culture, Crime and Sport.
UZ Report - English - Russian
All news, World, Politics, Society, Economy, Finance, Insurance, Markets, Technologies, Culture and Sport.

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