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Kosovo National and Official Languages: Albanian and Serbian.
Capital City: Pristina

Prishtine Newspaper

Albanian/a> - English - Kosova Live
Indepedendent News Agency. News, Sport, Economy, Health, Video, Technology, Lifestyle and Fun.
Klan Kosova
News, Gallery, Departments and More.
KTV Koha Vision
News, Economy, Culture, Chronicle, Sport, Inside, Showbiz and Technology.
News, Video, Sport, World, Technology and The Cars.
RTK Live, RTK TV2, Radio Kosovo and Radio Kosovo 2.
Latest News, Country, Regional and International News, Sport, Economy, Culture, Technology, Health and More.
Kosovo Daily
News, Opinion, Auto, Technology, Showbiz, Sports and Boulvard.
Shqip Media
News, Sport, Lifestyle, Auto, Technology, Opinions and More.
Balkan Web
News, Forums, Sports, Culture, Metropol and Technology.
News, Opinion, Archive, Marketing and More.
Kosovo News in German Language.
UN Mission in Kosovo.

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