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    Learn Maltese Phrases
    Linguata Maltese gives you the freedom to learn Maltese words and phrases in a modern, ...
    Maltese Phrases
    Maltese is spoken by somewhere between 350,000 and 400,000 people.
    Maltese Language Basics
    At varying levels, English is spoken and understood by all in Malta (in certain regions it is also the language of choice). Italian is also widely spoken.
    The Maltese Language
    Your First Maltese Lesson.
    Useful Maltese Phrases
    A collection of useful phrases in Maltese.
    Maltese essential Phrases
    BBC - Languages - Quick Fix - Essential phrases - Maltese.
    Survival Maltese
    Aboutmalta.com: Survival Maltese By Grazio Falzon.
    Useful Maltese Phrases
    Here are our top phrases that should help on your trip to Malta.
    Maltese Phrases
    The table below contains: Maltese Phrases, Expressions, Chinese Conversation, Idioms, words, Maltese Greetings, Survival Phrases, How to say a certain word in Maltese …

    Essential Phrases and Words in Maltese For Travellers:

    Do you speak English?Titkellem bl-Ingliz?
    Good dayBongu
    How much?Kemm?
    I don't understandMa nifhimx
    My name is TomJien jisimni James
    PleaseJekk Joghgbok
    Thank youGrazzi
    That oneDak
    What's your name?X'jismek

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