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The French Pod Class
Learn French and discover some piece of French culture. Grammar, vocabulary, movie or book review and a spread sheet to get a better look at the French language !
French Pod
Frenchie Productions - FrenchPodClass.
Learn French
New user guide - Learn French with Dailyfrenchpod.
Écoute podcast
Écouter écoute… c’est facile !
Podcast français facile
Learn french by podcast for beginners and intermediary.
French Podcast
French Basic Course. Here is the outline of the course.
Learn French Language
Learn French language from Paris.
Podcast français
Learn French online.
Learn French
Learn French verbs like never before using relaxation techniques.
Cool French - with mp3 downloads
BBC Languages - Learn French in your own time and have fun with Cool French.
Frenchie Productions - FrenchPodClass.
Learn French With Alexa (itunes)
Learn French With Alexa ByAlexa Polidoro.
French with Alexa
French for Beginners. French with Alexa Lesson.
You've completed the VERBcast and hopefully you've found it a good way to prepare for your French exam.

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