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Turkish Grammar I

Since its appearance in 1967 (revised 1985), Lewis's Turkish Grammar has been the standard work on the language throughout the English-speaking world. This revised edition reflects the results of the language reform movement which, though not so drastic in its effect on the spoken language, has made anything written before the early Thirties less and less intelligible to subsequent generations; the language has, indeed, changed more in the last seventy years than in the preceding seven hundred.

Paperback:  328 pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  0198700369
Author/Editor:  by Geoffrey Lewis (Author)

Turkish Grammar
Turkish Grammar II

Turkish Grammar (Hardcover) by Robert Underhill (Author)

Hardcover:   474 pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  0262210061
Author/Editor:  by Robert Underhill (Author)

Turkish Grammar
Turkish (Descriptive Grammars)

Turkish is spoken by about fifty million people in Turkey and is the co-official language of Cyprus. Jacklin Kornfilt covers the language's distinct and interesting characteristics and provides a wealth of examples for almost every issue addressed, drawing from different levels of vocabulary--contemporary, old, official and colloquial--and accompanied by a detailed grammatical analysis and English translation.

Paperback:  608 pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  0415000106
Author/Editor:  by Jaklin Kornfilt (Author)

Turkish (Descriptive Grammars)
A Practical Grammar of the Turkish Language

A Practical Grammar of the Turkish Language: As Spoken and Written (Paperback)
This Elibron Classics book is a facsimile reprint of a 1880 edition by Bernard Quatritch, London.

Paperback:  300 pages
Language:  English
ISBN:  054384952X
Author/Editor:  by Charles Wells (Author)

A Practical Grammar of the Turkish Language

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