Dictionary between Turkish and English Translation Online

Dict.info Turkish Dictionaries
Turkish bilingual dictionary often has more entries than Turkish dictionary.
Ectaco Online Turkish-English Dictionary
English <-> Turkish Online Dictionary - a Bilingual Dictionary from ECTACO.
Turkish-English & English-Turkish
Turkish-English bidirectional dictionary.
Turkish Translation New
Free German - Turkish Translation in the PONS Online Dictionary.
Dictionary Turkish
Dictionary & translation in all languages. Sesli Sözlük.
Cambridge Learner's Dictionary, English-Turkish
The ideal dictionary for Turkish learners of English.
Sozlerin Soyagaci Turkish
A full searchable online etymological dictionary of contemporary Turkish.
Ferheng.org Turkish Multilingual Dictionary
Online multilingual dictionary for Turkish- Kurdish, Turkish- German, Turkish-French and Turkish-English.
English-Turkish Dictionary
Multilingual Turkish-English Dictionary.
Turkish Etymological Dictionary
A Concise Gagauz Dictionary with etymologies and Turkish, Azerbaijani and Turkmen cognates.
English-Turkish Dictionary
Online bilingual Turkish-English Dictionary.
Pars Translator - Online Translation
Pars Translator - Online - Translation, Frasi Translation, Persian Translation.
English Turkish Sentences
An English Turkish dictionary containing millions of pretranslated sentences in both languages.
Turkcesozluk Online Dictionary
Online Turkish monolingual dictionary.
LingvoSoft Turkish-English Online Dictionary
Turkish <-> English Online Dictionary - a Bilingual Dictionary from LingvoSoft.
Dictionary English-Turkish
A Public Domain English-Turkish Dictionary.
Turkish Dictionary
Turkish language resources with a dictionary including technical terms.
English Turkish Dictionary
English Turkish Dictionary of Psychology. (Available in Turkish only).
Online English-Turkish Dictionary
Online English-Turkish Dictionary of Computer Terms.
English-Turkish Online Dictionary
Free Online English to Turkish Dictionary, English to Turkish Translation Glossary Service.
Turkish-English Dictionary
Translation Textes from and to many languages, including: English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Japanese, and more.
Turkish Lexical Database
This project is a cooperative research project between Sabanc? University & University of California at Berkeley is supported by TUBITAK& USA NSF.
Proverbs in Turkish
Expressions, Proverbs in Turkish and English Idioms. (Available in Turkish only).
Turkish Online Dictionary
Dictionary Turkish-English, Turkish-French, Turkish-German, Turkish-Italian, Turkish-Spanish, and Turkish-Danish, plus English-French, English-German, English-Italian, English-Spanish, English-Danish, and English-Japanese.
Turkish Dictionary New
Turkish Language Class - Free Online Turkish Language Resource.
Sozlook Dictionary
Turkish English and English Turkish Dictionary.
TELL is a database of 30,000 Turkish words representing both print dictionaries and actual speaker knowledge.
Idioms Turkish Dictionary
English Turkish Dictionary of Idioms.
English Turkish Words
Basic Words English Turkish.
Turkish Dictionary
Ezgi English and English-Turkish Dictionary.
Suffix Dictionary
The Turkish Suffix Dictionary.
Türk Dil Kurumu-Güncel Türkçe Sözlük
Online Turkish Dictionary

Other Turkish Dictionary Translation

LEXIN Swedish-Turkish Dictionary
Bilingual Swedish-Turkish Dictionary.
Turkish-English Online Dictionary
Online bilingual Turkish-German dictionary.
Online Turkish-German
Türkisch-Deutsches Online-Wörterbuch -- online bilingual Turkish-German dictionary with over 200,000 terms.
Swedish-Turkish Dictionaries
Swedish-SerboCroatian and Swedish-Turkish Dictionary.
Turkish rhyming Dictionary
Besides the Turkish Rhyming Dictionary, Alcor Software is offering many other rhyming dictionaries which are also available for free online.
Turkish French Dictionary
Dictionnaire Turc Français / Turkish French dictionary.
Turkish-French On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (Turkish-French) contains 1,700 terms.
German-Turkish On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (German-Turkish) contains 1,700 terms.

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