Turkish Language Linguistics, Culture and Literature

Turkish Culture Resources
Dedicated to the Turkish Culture, Art, Lifestyle, Philosophy and Humanism with thousands of pictures from Turkey and Turkic lands.
Heritage Central Asia
Ancient Turanians - Türk Dünyasinin Silinmis Geçmisi. ..
Turkish Basic
The FSI Turkish Basic Course.
Türkoloji arastirmalari merkezi
Turkology Research Center.
Turkish Language
The Turkish Language Reform: A catastrophic Success by Geoffroy Lewis (2002).
Türk Dili/Languages
On the usage of the Term Turkish/Turkic World.
Turkish intonation
An instrumental study by Nash, Rose.
The Vowels of Turkish Language in Transcription Texts
Çeviri Yazili Metinlerde Türkçenin Ünlüleri.
Turkish Language
Slang in the Turkish Language as a Social, Linguistic, and Semiotic Phenomenon by Olga Razuvajeva.
Case study: sound patterns in Turkish
In this module, we will explore a small selection of sound patterns in Turkish, including voicing and palatal alternations in the obstruent class, ...
Representation and acquisition of stress
The case of Turkish Public Deposited: This thesis investigates the representation and acquisition of word-level stress in Turkish.
The Phonetics and Phonology of Arabic Loanwords in Turkish (PDF)
Residual effects of gutturals by Shadiya al-Hashmi.

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