Turkish Language and Literature Resources

Turkish is spoken in the following countries: Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece.

Turkish Culture Resources
Dedicated to the Turkish Culture, Art, Lifestyle, Philosophy and Humanism with thousands of pictures from Turkey and Turkic lands.
Heritage Central Asia
Ancient Turanians - Türk Dünyasinin Silinmis Geçmisi. ..
Turkish Basic
The FSI Turkish Basic Course.
Turkish Language
The Turkish Language Reform: A catastrophic Success by Geoffroy Lewis (2002).
Türk Dili/Languages
On the usage of the Term Turkish/Turkic World.
Turkish Language
Slang in the Turkish Language as a Social, Linguistic, and Semiotic Phenomenon.
Case study: sound patterns in Turkish
In this module, we will explore a small selection of sound patterns in Turkish, including voicing and palatal alternations in the obstruent class, ...

Turkish Language Dictionary and Turkish Language Resources:
Turkish Adverbs -- ad nauseam - Learning Turkish Conjunctions - Turkish Doubles Troubles - The Top 700 Turkish vocabulary head words - Turkish Idioms in Plain English - Turkish Verbs -- the Gelmek conjugations - Translating Turkish Language I and II - Learning Turkish Accenting - Acronyms and abbreviations in Turkish Language - Turkish Acronyms and Abbreviations - Business and Economic terms in Turkish Language - Turkish noun case suffixes - Turkish-English Internet/Computer - Index - Regular and Consistent Turkish Language - Modern Turkish Language history - English-Turkish Math/Science Dictionary - Newspaper Reader's Encyclopedic Dictionary - Turkish Language numbers, numbering, counting... - Learning Turkish Language pronouns - Turkish Language Pronunciation Guide -
Turkish Language Reform
A Step in the Modernization of Islam in Turkey.
Road to Turkish Language
Road to Turkish language reform and the rise of Turkish nationalism.

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