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Glossary of Investing/Investment Terms, Lexicon, and Abbreviations

Glossary of Financial Terms
InvestorWords.com - Terms beginning with A.
Offshore Investing Glossary
Offshore Banking and Trading Glossary.
Glossary Financial Investment
Glossary of Financial and Investment Terms - A Thru L.
Futures Glossary - English
Center for Futures Education, Inc.
Glossary EIB
European Investment Bank (EIB) Glossary German English French.
AIMA - Glossary
AIMA's Glossary has been developed for all those with an interest in the alternative investment industry - from the beginner to the advanced practitioner.
Finance-Glossary.com is the leading online reference for financial and investment terms. Browse the whole terms database using the letters above; or search on a keyword across 2,000 terms and their definitions.
Altegris Glossary
Review common phrases and terminology used in the world of alternative investments.
Barkley's Comprehensive Financial Glossary
Oasis Management®'s Comprehensive Financial Glossary and Derivatives, Risk Management and Investments Terms.
Value Investing Glossary
Global Value Investing: This is a selective glossary for value investing terms only. For a more comprehensive financial glossary, see the most popular textbooks for investments. These definitions are included for certain terms that appear at this website.
Bond Glossary
Glossary of Bond Terms.
Investment Terms
The article is from the Investment Terms.
Glossary of Foreign Direct Investment
This glossary forms part of the 4th Edition of the OECD Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct Investment and is intended to assist both the compilers and users of direct investment statistics.
Investing Glossary
Investing Glossary 1035 Exchange 1040ez 1099 12b-1 fee.
Mutilingual Dictionary of Stock Exchange and Investment Terms (PDF Document)
Multilingual dictionary of stock exchange & investment terms (english french, german italian, russian spanish) new edition 1998.

Dictionary of Investment Terms: Investopedia
Over 3500 investment related terms available with search capacity.
Investing Dictionary
Here are some definitions of Investing Terminology.
Glossary of Mutual Funds
Brill's Mutual Funds Interactive(sm) -- Glossary.
speculativebubble.com Investment Glossary
Searchable terms and definitions that help explain bond, mutual fund, option, or stock market investing questions.
Glossary of Investment Terms
TIAA-CREF Brokerage Services - Investment Glossary.
InvestorWords.com Investing Glossary
InvestorWords - The Best Investing Glossary on the Web!
Investing terms
25 Most Common Investing Terms and Definitions.
Investor Glossary
Investor Glossary - Defining the world of investing - InvestorGlossary.com.
Glossary of Investment Terms
This glossary is designed to help you understand some of the more common investment and financial terms you may encounter.
Glossary of Investment Terms
Like many industries, the terms used within the investment industry can be quite confusing.
Glossary of Stock Market Terms
NASDAQ - How To Invest.
Investment Glossary (PDF Document)
One of the most common roadblocks to getting started on a financial or investment plan is the process of learning a new &language& full of big words and legal terms.
Glossary of Terms
Keeping up with the increasing number of investment products and services in the marketplace today can be confusing.
Glossary of Investment Terms
Like any highly specialized field of endeavor, investing has its own peculiar language, terms, and jargon.
Investment Dictionary
InvestmentTerms.net is a investment dictionary with definitions of investment phrases and terms.
Dictionary Investment
Dictionary of Investment Terms.
IT Investment Terms
Glossary of IT Investment Terms.
Investor's Glossary
Stock Maven® - Investor's Glossary

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