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Irish is spoken in the following countries: Ireland and UK.

Speaking Irish
Informational sites and links to lessons, interactive, readers, and courses.
Irish Language
San Francisco Bay Area Irish Language Immersion Weekend.
Irish is a Celtic language spoken in mainly Ireland ...
Irish Language
Irish Language Information and Resources.
Irish language
The Official Standard for the Irish language.
Old Irish Online
Irish is one of the so-called Celtic languages, a sub-family of Indo-European.
By Raymond Hickey.
Dialects of Irish Gaelic
Listen to Irish Gaelic sayings in several dialects.
Ausarbeitung eines Irischkurses der VHS Dortmund
Beartla M. Ó Flatharta (M. B. C. P. Rua), M.A., der Kursleiter aus An Cheathrú Rua.
Irish Language Sayings
Irish Sayings - Gaelic Sayings in the Irish Language.
Las mutaciones del gaélico irlandés
By Ignacio Vázquez Diéguez.
Graiméar na GaeDilge
by Christian Brothers.
Irish language (From Wikipedia)
Irish (Gaeilge) originating in Ireland and historically spoken by the Irish people.
Irish Gaelic language
The history of the Irish Gaelic language begins in Central Europe in the 5th century B.C., where a new tribe was taking Europe by storm - the Celts.

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