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Irish Slang
Chewing the Fat: New Zealand, Scottish, Welsh and Irish Slang.
Irish Slang
Irish Slang and Colloquial Speech - Dublin Slang - Cork Slang - Galway Slang - Midlands Slang - Limerick Slang - GAA Slang.
Everyday English and Slang in Ireland
A dictionary of irish slang and phrases.
Irish Slang
Top 80 Irish Slang Words: The Gift Of the Gab.
Vocabulary of Ulster (in downloadable PDF format)
The Dialect Vocabulary of Ulster by John M.Kirk - School of English. The Queen's University of Belfast.
Some Irish slang
The Some Irish slang - Irish slang words.
Limerick/Dublin Slang
THE BARKING LIZARDS: This is a dictionary of Limerick slang words and phrases and their Dub equivalent.
Grime slang glossary
Grime MCs – many of whom have grown up with gangsta rap and films like Scarface – have a similarly vast number of terms to refer to guns (for example: mash, heat, skeng, shotty, pumpy, glock, gat, nine-milli, forty-five). In fact, grime has a whole glossary of slang – largely bastardised from Jamaican dancehall and US rap – which is part of the everyday vernacular.
Speak English in Dublin
The O'Byrne Files Guide on how to Speak English in Dublin.
Irish Slang
70+ Irish Slang Words and Phrases You Need to Know.
The Lovely Language of Northern Ireland
Well, it took me a while to get used to it. Here are some tips!
A dictionary of irish slang and Phrases
Everyday English and Slang in Ireland.

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