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Serbia National and Official Languages: Serbian.
Capital City: Belgrade

BelgradeBor District
Braničevo DistrictCentral Banat District
Kolubara DistrictMačva District
Morivica DistrictNišava District
North Bačka DistrictNorth Banat District
Pčinja DistrictPirot District
Rasina DistrictRaška District
South Bačka District    South Banat District
Srem DistrictSumadija District
West Bačka DistrictZaječar District
Zlatibor District

Serbia Cities Newspaper and News

NišNovi Sad

Betal - Albanian - English - Hungarian - Romanian
Serbia and International News, Economy, Sports, Culture, Entertainment, SMS and Monitor.
Beta Video Portal
News, Services, Archive and More.
Photos, Video, Gallery and News.
Sportska Centrala
Sport, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Other Sport and Latest News.
Tanjug - Serbian Cyrillic - English
Serbia and International News, Business, Economy, Culture, Entertainment, Sports and English.
B92 - English
TV, Video, Radio, Blog, Forum, Sports, Showbiz, Woman, Life, Culture, Cars, Technology, Travels, Health, Reale Estate and Time.
Deutsche Welle
German and Serbia News, Crime, Europe, Science, Technology and Culture.
Happy TV
Television, VIP, Series, Sport, News, Kids and Video.
Radio Index
Emissions, Frequence and News.
News, Life, Program, Video, Blog and More.
Radio Beograd
Radio, News, Administration, Marketing, Publishing, Links and More.
RTS Serbian Cyrillic - RTS
VESI, Sport, Magazine, TV, Video, Radio, RTS, Blog and More.
RTV Pink
Radio Television Pink.
Radio Slobodna Evropa
News, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Liberty TV, Multimedia and Interview.
S Media
Sport, Television, Live, Belgrade and Serbia News.

News, Interview, Programs, Video and More.
MRS - Međunarodni radio Srbija - Arabic - German - Greek - Spain - French - Hungarian - Italian - Russian - Albanian - Chinese
International Radio Serbia: News, In the Focus, Politics, Economy, Society, Culture and Sports.
News, Stock Market, Business, Finance, Lifestyle, Education and Books.
E Novine
Serbia, Regional, International News, Economy, Culture, Society, Interview, Sport, Entertainment and Photo Gallery.
Blog, Maps, Shop, Advertising, Vocabulary, SMS, TV and More.
MFA (Cyrillic) Latin - MFA
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Serbia.
Latest News, Most Popular, Info, Sport, Fun, Magazine, Mobile, Photos and Videos.
News, Sport, Football, Basketball, Tennis and More.
Na Dlanu
News, Crime, Economy, Archive, Society, Quizzes, Sport, World, News, Guide, Life, Travel and Radio.
Politics, Economy, Culture, Sport, Technology, Cars, Video and TV Program.
Serbia Today
Insight on Serbia Business. Omnia Communications Serbia Today.
Serbian Government - Croatian - English - Italian - Srbija
Serbian Government, Upcoming News, Latest News, Economy, Statements of Ministries, Government Activities and More.
VESTI, Top Story, Fashion, Inside Story, Lifestyle, SPY, Shopping, Recept and Videos.
NIN (Latin) - NIN (Cyrillic)
News, Archive, Editorial, Subscription and More.
Nova Srpska Politicka Misao - Latin - English - Russian
News, Photos, Video, Culture, Views, Politics and Editions.
Newspaper, Archive, Video and Film.
Scandal - Novi Standard
News, Video and Archive.
News, Marketing and Service.
Nedeljnik Vreme
Showbiz, Hollywood, Planet, Archive, Sport, Culture, Blog, Horoscope, Travel and E-Kiosk.

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