Dictionary between Welsh and English Translation Online

A Dictionary of the Welsh Language
Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru: University of Wales Dictionary of the Welsh Language - Geiriadur Cymraeg / Welsh Dictionary.
Welsh to English Lexicon
Welsh to English Lexicon: There are 24662 unique entries in this lexicon, of which 1581 are phrases, 951 are cross-references, and 63 are considered to be obsolete in the modern language.
Welsh-English Dictionaries
Appendix D. Using Welsh-English Dictionaries: The Welsh Alphabet.
Welsh-English Dictionary
A Second Edition of The A-B Section of the Dictionary.
A Welsh-English Meta-Dictionary
This appendix contains an alphabetical listing of all the things you might want to try if you fail to find an item in a Welsh-English dictionary.
Welsh Dictionary
CONCISE VERSION OF THE FIRST EDITION (Headwords, parts of speech, English synonyms, cross-references, dates of earliest attestations).
Welsh-English Online Dictionary
Geiriadur ar-lein: Welsh-English and English-Welsh On-line Dictionary.
Welsh-English Dictionary
BBC - Wales - Learn Welsh - BBC's online bilingual Welsh-English dictionary.
Welsh-English Lexicon
The Welsh-English and English-Welsh sections currently have the following numbers of entries: Welsh-English -> 24662 entries, English-Welsh -> 18778 entries.
Welsh Spell Checker
Welsh Spell Checker - check spelling of Welsh words.
Welsh-English Dictionary
A Pocket Dictionary: Welsh-English.
Dictionary Welsh (PDF Document)
A Pocket Dictionary - Welsh-English by William Richards.
John Edwards has made his lifetime study, the peculiarities of the Welsh/English dialect. He named this dialectical oddity "Wenglish" and recorded it as it is spoken, mainly in the valleys and townships of South Wales (that's OLD South Wales for our antipodean visitors).
A Welsh Course
This course is one suitable for beginners. The main emphasis of the course is in developing conversational skills in Welsh as it is currently spoken (as contrasted with teaching the forms needed for understanding literary Welsh). ..
Dict.info Welsh Dictionary
A collection of free Welsh bilingual dictionaries for English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, German, Italian, Japanese, Japanese Romaji, Portuguese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Walloon.
Computing Terms in Welsh
Online dictionary of computing terms.
The Welsh Language
Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru: University of Wales Dictionary of the Welsh Language.
Welsh-English and English-Welsh On-line Dictionary
Welsh-English and English-Welsh On-line Dictionary.
English to Welsh to English Dictionary
English - Welsh and Welsh - English Dictionary.
Welsh-English Dictionary (PDF Document) - Pocket (PDF Document)
Eiriadur Cymraeg a Saesneg : Spurrell's Welsh-English dictionary
Welsh/English Dictionary
Welsh/English Dictionary - By AccomoDATA.
Welsh English Dictionary
Welsh English Dictionary - Cymreig - Saesneg - geiriadur & trosiad - Definition - diffiniad.

Welsh English Dictionary
Welsh English Dictionary BBC Wales Learn Welsh.
Welsh to English lexicon - English to Welsh Lexicon
Derived from material Copyright 1995-1996 Mark H. Nodine.
Welsh-English lexicon - English-Welsh Lexicon
Wordlists English-Welsh and Welsh-English. Text-File.
Welsh Dictionary (PDF Document)
Welsh dictionary - The Pendarren Experience.
Welsh-English Dictionary
Cronfa Data Genedlaethol o Dermau.
Concise online Dictionary
Headwords, parts of speech, English synonyms, cross-references, combinations, variant forms, dates of earliest attestations.
Welsh-English List
Welsh-English List of Computer Terms.
Welsh-Irish Dictionary
Cymraeg Gwyddeleg Geiriadur.
Welsh-Catalan Dictionary
Welsh-Catalan Dictionary (Index).
Welsh Dictionary
Irish, Breton, Welsh, English, Welsh-Russian and Russian-Welsh Dictionary. Geiriaduron Cymraeg-Rwsieg a Rwsieg-Cymraeg.
English and Welch Dictionary (Google eBook)
The English and Welch dictionary: or, the English before the Welch ...by John Roderick

Other Welsh Dictionary Translation

Welsh-German Online Dictionary
Walisisch-Deutsches und Deutsch-Walisisches Wörterbuch.
Welsh-Frisian Dictionary (text file)
Welsh-Catalan Dictionary
Katalanisch to Walisisch to Katalanisch Dictionary - Catalan to Welsh to Catalan Dictionary

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