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Dictionary of American regional English
Depending on where you live, your conversation may include such beguiling terms as si-fog (Arkansas), pirok (Alaska), or pestle-tail (North Carolina); if you're invited to a potluck dinner, in Indiana you're likely to call it a pitch-in, while in northern Illinois it's a scramble; if you have a scrap or small piece of something, it's a scrid in New England, but in the South and South Midland it's a scrimption; if your youngsters play hopscotch, they may call it potsy in Manhattan, but sky blue in Chicago.
Linguistic Atlas Projects
Is this not what you expected? Welcome to the new look of the Linguistic Atlas Projects web site. There's a new look, more information, and more functionality.
Phonological Atlas of North America
The Telsur Project is a survey of linguistic changes in progress in North American English, supported by the National Science Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities.
American Dialect Society
Scholarly association dedicated to the study of the English language in North America.
International Dialects of English Archive
The International Dialects of English Archive. IDEA was created in 1997 as a free, online library of primary source recordings for the performing arts.
Varieties of English
Linguistic analysis (phonology, morphology, syntax, vocabulary) of different varieties of English spoken in the US, Canada and Britain.
American Tongues
This Peabody Award-winning look at American accents and their social implications is both a proven crowd-pleaser and a unique window on the way we judge people by the way they talk. American Tongues goes to the streets and the countryside to listen to American English in all its diversity and color.
Talk like the locals in cities around the world.
Accents and dialects
Accents and dialects - Archival Sound Recordings

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