Dictionary between Spanish and English Translation Online

English to Spanish Dictionary
Offers online Spanish-English dictionary and translation resource.
Spanish Dictionary
English - Spanish dictionary (22527).
English-Spanish Online Dictionary
English-Spanish and Spanish-English Dictionary and Text Composition System.
Bilingual English-Spanish dictionary
English–Spanish/Spanish–English bilingual dictionary to Cambridge Dictionaries Online!
Password Spanish-English Dictionary
This bilingualized Spanish-English dictionary has a wide coverage of vocabulary.
Spanish Dictionary New
Spanish-English Picture Dictionary.
Spanish Dictionary Legal New
Diccionario del español jurídico.
Larousse Dictionary New
Larousse Spanish-English, Spanish-French and Spanish-German Dictionary.
Spanish English Dictionary
Tomísimo is an English-Spanish, Spanish-English Dictionary that makes finding words easy by automatically searching in both languages.
LingvoSoft Spanish-English Online Dictionary
English <-> Spanish Online Dictionary - a Bilingual Dictionary from LingvoSoft.
Ectaco Online Spanish-English Dictionary
English <-> Spanish Online Dictionary - a Bilingual Dictionary from ECTACO.
Spanish Dictionary
Free English to Spanish Dictionary.
Dict.info Spanish Dictionaries
Online bilingual Spanish-English and many other foreign dictionaries.
English-Spanish Dictionary
WordReference.com -- Bilingual Spanish-English Dictionary - The Spanish dictionary from Espasa Calpe publishers alone has over 120,000 words with more than 250,000 translations.
Dictionary of Spanish
Spanish-English-Spanish Dictionary with audio pronunciations (57,000 entries).
English-Spanish Language Dictionaries
English to Spanish and Spanish to English Dictionary.
English to Spanish Dictionary
English to Spanish Dictionary fron paralink.com.
English Spanish Dictionary New
For students and professionals using Spanish and English, with more than 420,000 translations.
English-Spanish Dictionary
This English-Spanish dictionary complements the Spanish-English dictionary available on this site.
Diccionario de la Lengua Española
A comprehensive monolingual Spanish dictionary.
Spanish Technology Dictionary New
Technological dictionary in the English, Spanish, German, and French languages, containing technical terms and locutions employed in arts, trades, and industry in general, military and naval terms by Huelin y Arssu, Carlos, 1861.
Spanish English Dictionary
Tomísimo is an English-Spanish, Spanish-English Dictionary that makes finding words easy by automatically searching in both languages.
Spanish<->English Dictionary
Spanish-English, English-Spanish, and many other foreign dictionaries.
English-Spanish Dictionary
Math English-Spanish Dictionary.
Spanish Language New
Pequeño Larousse ilustrado.
Diccionarios en español diccionarios ingles español diccionario sinónimos - Provides online translations, definitions, and phrasal verbs for Spanish, English, French, German, Catalan,...
Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary Online - Cambridge University Press.

LookWAYup Dictionary
Online Spanish English dictionary, thesaurus, translation.
Spanish Norwegian English Dictionary
Diccionario interactivo TriTrans - Inglés - Español- Noruego.
Diccionario de la lengua española - Edición del Tricentenario.
Business English-Spanish Glossary
Business English-Spanish-English Glossary by A.D. Miles.
English-Spanish Computing
English-Spanish Dictionary of Common Computing Terms.
Little Explorers Picture Dictionary (English/Spanish).
English-Spanish Picture Dictionary, Spanish-English Picture Dictionary
English/German Picture Dictionary: EnchantedLearning.com.
Spanish English Bilingual Food Glossary
Bilingual Food Glosary for translators and Gourmets.
Soccer Vocabulary English / Spanish
Palabras asociadas con fútbol inglés español.
Spanish property dictionary
Spanish property dictionary / glossary

Other Spanish Dictionary Translation

Deutsch-Spanisch Wörterbuch
Online bilingual German-Spanish.
Albanian - Spanish Dictionary
Online Albanian-Spanish and Spanish-Albanian dictionaries (Diccionario Albanés - Español ).
Dictionary Spanish New
Diccionario de la lengua española.
German-Spanish Dictionary
MYJMK online Wörterbuch spanisch deutsch, diccionario aleman español, dictionary spanish german.
EuroCosm New
Guide to European Culture, Languages, Products and Trave.
Spanish-Hungarian Dictionary
Online bilingual Spanish-Hungarian dictionary.
Diccionario esencial New
The Essential Dictionary of the Spanish Language, published in 2006 ...
Pauker German-Spanish Dictionary
Spanish-German Dictionary.
Proverbia New
Word and Phrases, Proverbs and Sayings on proverbia.net
Spanish rhyming Dictionary
Besides the Spanish Rhyming Dictionary, Alcor Software is offering many other rhyming dictionaries which are also available for free online.
Spanish French Dictionary
Dictionnaire Espagnol Français / Diccionario Español Francés en línea / Spanish French dictionary.
Spanish-Dutch On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (Spanish-Dutch) contains 5,000 terms.
Diccionario panhispánico de dudas New
El Diccionario panhispánico de dudas (DPD), cuya primera edición impresa ...
German-Spanish On-line Dictionary
This dictionary database (German-Spanish) contains 5,000 terms.
Interactive Dictionary - English, Spanish and Norwegian
Multilingual Dictionary between Spanish, English and Norwegian.
SM Diccionarios New
Synonyms and Antonyms Dictionary of Spanish Language.
Multilingual Dictionary
"Multilingual Dictionary of the Horse" (2nd abridged English French Spanish German edition).
English - German and Spanish - German Dictionary
This is the english version of the famous dictionary powered by student-online.net More than 400.000 direct translations, phrases and acronyms.
Medciclopedia New
Diccionario de Terminologia Medica. Medicina Multimedia.
Multilingual Dictionary
Czech from/to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Latin dictionary.
English-Spanish Picture Dictionary
English-Spanish: LITTLE EXPLORERS by Enchanted Learning Software.
Spanish Dictionary
Spanish Dictionary - Spanish to English Dictionary.
Diccionario del español usual en México New
Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes.
English to Spanish Dictionary
Online English to Spanish to English Dictionary.
Glossary of Election Terms 2007 (English - Spanisch) (PDF Document)
The Glossary of Key Election Terminology provides a translation of election terms from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.
English-Spanish Glossary
English-Spanish Glossary of Federal Agencies. Glosario inglés-español de nombres de agencias, oficiales y leyes federales.
Sitio de Ciencia-Ficcion - Glosario New
Glosario de Ciencia-Ficción.
Dictionary Spanish - English
DIX: English-Spanish Dictionary - English-German Dictionary, German-Spanish Dictionary.
Online Etymological Dictionary of Spanish New
The only free and comprehensive online etymological dictionary of the Spanish language.
Spanish Theme Dictionaries
Spanish Survival-Travel dictionary & Spanish Lovel dictionary.
The Alternative Spanish Dictionary
The Alternative Spanish Slang and Obscenities Dictionary. Rude words Dictionary.
Diccionarios New
Ediciones El País: Spanish-English and English-Spanish meanings of the words in Spanish, synonyms and antonyms.

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