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Plastic Dictionary
The Plastic Dictionary is a reference book repositories ...
OSHA Dictionaries (English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English)
OSHA's Hispanic Task Force developed these English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English dictionaries.
Sports Glossary (in downloadable PDF format)
Babel Linguistics Inc. Glossary Contribution. English-Spanish Glossary.
Names in English & Spanish
lant Common Names in English & Spanish.
English-Spanish lexicon
English-Spanish lexicon of terms common in CITES documents.
English-Spanish Lexicon
English-Spanish lexicon of terms common in CITES documents.
English-Spanish Pesticide
English-Spanish List of Pesticide Terms.
English-Spanish Biology Glossary wiki
English-Spanish Glossary of Technical Terms Used in Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics, with Emphasis in Ornithology.
Spanish-English Glossary
Spanish -English glossary of plants and trees.
English-Spanish Picture Dictionary Plants
Plants and Garden-Related Words (English Spanish).
Spanish Terms for Forestry
Find the Spanish term you are interested in, and use the related English Keyword to search our ForestScience database.
Glossary of English/Spanish
Glossary of English/Spanish Superfund &M WQARF Terms.
Spanish to English Dictionary of Finance Terms
Developments such as deregulation, diversification of markets, giant corporate mergers and, above all, the widespread use of computer and advanced communications technology have all altered the world of finance and investment.
Technical Glossary
Technical Glossary English Spanish.
English to Spanish Railcar Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format)
English -> Spanish Railcar Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format).
Clothes Vocabulary
Clothes vocabulary Vocabulario de la ropa.
English-Spanish Glossary of Terminology
An English-Spanish Glossary of Terminology Used in Forestry, Range, Wildlife, Fishery, Soils, and Botany.
Universal Dictionary of Parliamentary Terms
Diccionario Universal de Términos Parlamentarios.
Diccionario informático inglés-castellano
Dictionary English > Spanish - Diccionario informático inglés-castellano.
Technical Vocabulary and Internet Marketing
Vocabulario Técnico de Marketing e Internet.
Techical dictionary En>Es
Diccionario ingeniería especializado, bastante técnico.
Bilingual Internet Glossary Spanish English
Glosario de términos en inglés y español sobre Internet.
Glosario inglés-español
Glosario inglés-español, acompañado por una breve definición o comentario.
AUTOMOTIVE GLOSSARY Spanish English (in downloadable PDF format)
AUTOMOTIVE GLOSSARY (Glossary of car parts) Spanish > English.

Spanish Automotive Dictionary
English - Spanish Automotive Dictionary.
Leather Glossary
Glosario del cuero.
Leather Vocabulary
Vocabulario del cuero.
Interstate Screw Corp (English/Spanish Terminology)
These translations were provided by various members of our export staff over the past few years.
Glossary of terms Railways (English Spanish)
Railways of the Far South (English-Spanish and Spanish-English).
Glosario de términos de Comercio Internacional
En esta sección encontrará toda la terminología involucrada con el intercambio comercial internacional, definiciones necesarias para todo aquel que esté inmerso o desee adentrarse en esta actividad.
Glosario inglés <> español de conectores
Glosario inglés español de frases conectoras / Linking phrases (English Spanish).
Spanish Dictionary
Spanish Dictionary of Agriculture and HR Management.
Electrical Terms
Spanish English for electrical terms.
A Spanish Morpheme Dictionary
The ARIES Natural Language Tools make up a lexical platform for the Spanish language.
Electronic-Sign Related Terms (Spanish-English)
Términos Relacionados con Carteles Electrónicos / Electronic-Sign Related Terms.
Glossary of justice and political
Léxico de la justicia y política.
Ciber-Léxico Comparativo
Ciber-Léxico Comparativo Inglés-Castellano.
El Almanaque Léxico
Léxico de Derecho-Política.
Religión Léxico
Léxico de Religión.
Religion Lexicon
Léxico de la religión.
Spanish Glossary
ATT Spanish Glossary of Automotive Terms (English to Spanish Glossary).
Glosario de términos lingüésticos
Glossary of linguistic terms.
English-Spanish Dictionary
English-Spanish Dictionary of Common Computing Terms.

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