Spanish Language and Literature Resources

Spanish-language texts
Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia Library - Spanisch Language Resources.
Anacleta's Spanish world language/culture
Anacleta's spanish & World language / Culture resources for children & their parents & especially fles, dual language, immersion, & bilingual teachers.
Dialects del Espanol
The Dialectoteca del Español is an innovative way to experience the diversity of Spanish pronunciation.
Spanish Language Resources
Culture and History, Music, Radio, and Television/Cinema, News and Magazines, Literature and Language, Virtual Environments, Country/City Tours and Grab Bag.
HRW Atlas World.
Centro Virtual Cervantes
Spanish Language Resources (spanish interface).
Student resources
Spanish 203: Language and Culture.
Center for the Study of Books in Spanish
Barahona Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents.
Spanish Language Cultures
Spanish Language & Culture
La página del Arte y la Cultura en Español.

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