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Cyprus National and Official Languages: Greek and Turkish.
Minority languages: Armenian and Cypriot Arabic.
Capital City: Nicosia

Nicosia NewspaperNorth Cyprus
South Cyprus

LGC News (English)
News Sections, Features, Competitions, Events Diary and Forum.
North Cyprus News (English)
Cyprus News, Politics, Property and More.
North Cyprus Free Press (English)
General, North Cyprus Government, Cyprus News, Entertainment, Property and Publication.
Financial Mirror - English
News, WEB-TV, Blog, Businesswire and Subscription.
Cyprus Property News (English)
Latest News, Featured, Forecasts, Business & Economy, Legal, Russia and Other News.
Observer Cyprus
News, Tourism and Archives.
Famagusta Gazette
Local, Cyprus Briefs, World Briefs, Galleries, Events, FGTV, Today In History, FG on Twitter, FG on Facebook, FG DIRECTORY, Travel, Useful Numbers, Restaurants, Embassies, Animal Welfare and History of Cyprus.
Cyprus Reporter
News, Services, Classifieds, Property, Events, Directory, Monthly Deals and Advertising.
Ikypros (Greece Language)
News, Sports, Economy, Health, Lifestyle, Technology, Science and More.
Haravgi (Greece Language)
Haravgi Cyprus No.1 Quality Newspaper Website.
Kibris Gazetesi (Turkish Language)
News, Economy, Culture, Life, Sports, VIP, Calendar, Weather, Advertising and Archives.
Kibris Postasi (Turkish Language)
News, Property, Archive, Classifieds and TV.
Gundem Kibris (Turkish Language)
Cyprus, Turkey, World, Economy, Life, Magazine, Health, Technology, Arts, Culture and Athors.
Typos (Greece Language)
Culture, Arts, Games, Horoscope, Report, News and More.
Star kibris (Turkish Language)
News, Politics, Economy, Sports and Advertising.
Sigmalive (Greece Language)
News, Economy, Politics and Sports.

CNA - English - Turkish
The Cyprus News Agency is the major news agency in Cyprus.
BRT - Turkish - English - French
Bayrak Radio Television Corporation is the official radio and television broadcasting corporation of the self-proclaimed ''urkish Republic of Northern Cyprus'.
TV, Radio, File and News.
Radio Proto
Radio, Programs, Live and News.
News, Programs, Kids, Episode, TV and More.
Famagusta Gazette
Famagusta Gazette Online - Breaking News, Cyprus Issues, Weather.
Index Mundi
Cyprus News Headlines.
Kibris Postasi
Turkish Language Newspaper in Cyprus.
Cyprus News
News, Sports, Soccer, TV/Radio, Eureka, Weather, Kypros-Net, Government, Tourism, Culture, Music, Cyprus Problem, Beschäfftigung Cyprus, Missing Cypriots and E-cards.
LGC News
Online News for North Cyprus.
North Cyprus Daily
Daily News about North Cyprus and The World.
Only CY
News, Economy, Sports, Directory, Usefull and Jobs.

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