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Peru National and Official Languages: Spanish.
Capital City: Lima

Huancayo - Huanuco - Ica - Lambayeque - Piura - Puno - Tacna - Tumbes
Politics, Economy, Peru 360°, City, Entertainment, Sports and World News.
San Martín - Loreto - Ucayali
Últimas, Bagua Grande, Policiales, Bagua, Chachapoyas, Deportes and Jaén.
Agencia Peru
Economy, World, Sports, Entertainment and more.
La Region
Diario de Noticias y Actualidad de Loreto – Iquitos – Ucayali – Requena – Datem del Marañon – ...
El Imparcial
Diario El Imparcial - Al servicio de la Región y el País desde 1891, Science, Technology, Sports, World, Law, Local, National, Opinion and Regional.
Google Peru
Google Peru and World News.
MSN Latino
MSN Peru and World News.
Peru Noticias
Sports, Crime, Health, World, Science, Education, Politics and Tourism.
Pro y Contra
Pro - Contra  Periodismo a su servicio.
Acceso Peru
Arts, Science, Education, Finance, Industrie and Health.
Diario Ahora - Huánuco - Pasco.
Diario Ahora - Huánuco - Pasco - Edición Pasco.
Politics, Economy, Local, Regional, Law, World, Culture and Sports.
Cajamarca Opina
Local, Regional, National, Sports, Technology and World.
Caretas, Política del Perú, Noticias, Actualidad Perú, Gobierno, Democracia, Partidos Políticos, Economía, ...
Con Nuestro Peru
News, Economy, Science, Technology, Special, World, ...
Cronica Viva
Politics, Lima, World, Regional, Special, Sports, Technology, Economy, ...
Schedule, Service and News.
News, Editorial, Humor, World, ...
Diario Cronicas
Diario Virtual de Iquitos.
News, Regional, Crime, Sports, City, Politics, Editorial, Special and Opinion.

La Primera Huancayo
Diario La Primera - La verdad como es. huancayo.
Tumbes 21
Editorial, Local, Crime, Politics, Sports and Society.
Periodismo profesional a tu servici.
El Regional de Piura
Local, Opinion, Regional, National, World and Miscellaneous.
Diario Impetu
Ímpetu, un reto a la inacción y al conformismo.
La Hora
Editorial, Politics, Regional, National, World, Sports and Society.
La Voz de Ica
Regional, Local, Sports and Society.
Los Andes
National, Regional, Politics, Economy, Crime, Sports, Society, extas, ...
Panorama Cajamarquino
Sports, Local, World, Peru and Province.
Peru Actual
Politics, City, Economy, Sports, World, Tourism, Entertainment, Gastronomy, Technology and National News.
National, World, Opinion, ...
Peru Informa
Politics, Economy, Sports, Entertainment, World, Culture, Opinion, Regional, ...
Peru Press
Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Gastronomy and Technology.
Peru Reporta
World, Technology, Entertainment, Tourism and Sports.
Peruvian Times
Library, Opinion, Featured Articles, Multimedia and Store.
Information General, Management, Marketing and Events.
Sur Noticias
World, National, Education, Politics, Sports, Economy, Cinema, Technology, Entertainment and Health.
Economy, Sports, Entertainment, TV, ...
Diario Integracion
Local, Regional, National, Politics, Crime, Society, Sports and Culture.
Diario Ya
Sports, Local, Regional, National, News and Society.
La Primera
National, Politics, World, Entertainment, Sports and Archives.

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